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How to Prep for your Spray Tan!

​  * Schedule 2 days before a special occasion or the day before you leave for vacation!

​* If you are pregnant, you must consult with your doctor before you can be sprayed!

How well you prep and take care of your spray tan will determine the results and longevity of your tan!

Listed below are instructions and my best advice to give you the best results possible! 

​Your tan can last anywhere between 5-10 days if followed.


You can not sweat, get wet or apply anything to your skin until after your first shower!!

This allows your tan to fully develop it’s color without streaks!!
Do not shave for the first 12 hours after your spray and first shower.
Use hand sanitizer to wash your hands or wash palms only during developing time.
Avoid using moisturizers and applying deodorant during developing time.
Wearing socks or closed toe shoes can cause your tan to develop unevenly on your feet, please avoid wearing either! Flip Flops!
Avoid wearing tight clothing for the duration of developing time. 

​Your tan will fade as your skin naturally sheds or exfoliates. Using a loofah or washcloth will fade your tan faster. Make sure to pat dry with your towel!

I recommend scheduling your next session once your old tan is completely gone. Coming in with an old tan still

on the skin can cause build up and uneven results!​​​

​​​​​​​​​The night before your Tan
Shower thoroughly and exfoliate, this will remove dead skin, and provide a smooth surface for your tan to ensure even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan. Exfoliating gloves are excellent to use!

Any manicure or pedicure should be done at least one day before the day of your tan. A polish change is your ONLY option after a spray tan!
If you are using Dove products or bar soaps please stop using them at least two days before your tan and for the duration of the tan (5-10 days). Dove soap can leave a film on your skin that leads to a blotchy tan.
Shaving and waxing should be done the night before. Shaving the day of can cause pore spotting or if there is any sign of razor burn, it may leave streaks.
Moisturize after your shower, but not the day of your tan. Remember, clean skin!

The day of your Tan
Bring in dark loose fitting clothing and flip flops. Tight fitting clothing worn on a fresh tan can rub the solution off and leave your tan patchy. If it's stretchy material but clings to the skin it's too tight! Top preferably zip or button up, you don't want to have to pull anything over your head. Please wear loose sweat pants! WARNING.. if you choose to wear shorts/skirt and expose your legs, your chances of harming your tan increase and you will get solution/bronzer on your car seats! 

IF IT'S RAINING, bring an umbrella and cover up skin as much as possible! NO SHORTS!
NO moisturizer, perfume/cologne, deodorant or make up on skin, if you have make up on and you want your face sprayed, you must bring a makeup wipe to remove before your session starts! I supply a hair cap to protect hair, but you will need to bring a hair tie or clip to pull hair off of neck.

Women may spray however you are comfortable. Men must wear boxers or briefs. Does not stain clothes or sheets!

Please do not shower within 4 hours of appointment! 


​​Retail Products in Studio

Body Wash- designed to protect your sunless tan (Vanilla/Lavender scent) $14

Body Scrub- perfect exfoliator to prep skin (Use 1-2 days prior to tan) $18

Anti-Aging Tan Extender Lotion- daily moisturizer to give added life and vibrancy to your tan! Can use on face/body and is safe for all skin types! (Contains 6% DHA) $25

Instant Self Tan Bronzing Spray- my solution in a can!  $24

Body Bronzer- Introduced primarily for the contestants on Dancing With The Stars. This instant body bronzer provides an exotic, shimmery ​glow that dries immediately without streaking or rubbing off on clothes. Does not contain DHA. $32

GRANDE LASH MD - Award winning lash enhancing serum to promote naturally longer, thicker-looking lashes in just 4-6 weeks, with full results in 3 months! $68